Steel for architecture

In recent years, architectural trends have undergone a new phase of development; steel has become an important element for multiple construction solutions in new buildings. All products manufactured by OFAM are EN1090 guaranteed and certified, which is the standard specifying the requirements for evaluating the compliance of the performance features of steel and aluminium structural components, as well as kits marketed as construction products. The experience gained through important collaborations with the best specialists, the support of the internal technical office and the lengthy sector experience, allow the company to produce works and constructions in iron and steel for structural construction.
OFAM pays particular attention to anti-corrosion protection for materials, working on both existing structures and new constructions to produce:

· Roofs
· Mezzanine Stairs
· Indoor Stairs
· Shelving
· Canopies
· Earthquake resistant structures
· Structural reinforcements
· Structural steel facades