Wrought iron

OFAM offers a restoration service for wrought iron products and items.
Thanks for our vast sector experience, the use of craft techniques blended with the most innovative methodologies, manual dexterity and staff professionalism, OFAM is able to handle each restoration phase for doors, gates, fences, indoor and outdoor railings, and other wrought iron items.
OFAM personnel completely revive the items and/or integrate them with pieces and components made using the same style and techniques as the original product. The restoration service offered by OFAM guarantees excellent results and superb quality.
With over half a century of experience, a 360 ° skillset of iron working, along with passion and professionalism, OFAM has learnt the secrets of the ancient art of ironworking and has integrated them with the most innovative techniques, so as to offer the customer an excellent final product, with an attention to detail built to last over time. The introduction of innovations and new technologies has allowed the company to update traditional ironworking methodologies, while maintaining and ensuring the quality craftsmanship of its products.
For each work OFAM carefully selects the raw materials, choosing the best in order to meet quality requirements and unique needs in terms of prestige, safety and durability.